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Healing Touch

Ayurvedic Lymphatic Bodywork + Arvigo® Mayan Abdominal Treatments

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About Naomi

I am a licensed Ayurvedic bodyworker + Arvigo® maya abdominal massage practitioner.  I am an herbalist + nutrition counselor. I am a dancer + dance teacher. My intention is to bring one into deeper connection with their bodies through gentle and loving touch. To find the inner power to heal one's own body + mind through the healing wisdom of the plants. To experience true embodiment and vitality in the body through massage, stretching + dance.

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hot stones

gua sha




herbal-infused oils

and more

My Treatments

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Ayurvedic Bodywork Treatment

60 min   $150

90 min   $200

120 min  $250

Arvigo® Maya Abdominal Massage

First Consult (120 min)   $200

Follow-Up (60 min)       $100

Follow-Up (90 min)       $150

Follow-Up (120 min)     $200

Herbal Consultation

*Not available at this time*

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"I came to Naomi with a lot of pain in my neck and shoulder. As soon as she started massaging me + talking me through it, the pains disappeared. The way she treated me, her politeness, her attention + care to understand the client, I've never seen anyone do this. the way she performs a massage is as if she knows your body through the palm of her hand. She was made for this. I strongly recommend her and am a loyal client. No one works like her."

"Naomi is very precise. She knows exactly where the tension is and how to relieve with the right level of pressure. Her knowledge of stretching techniques is extensive and when combined with her massage, it provided remarkable results." 

"Naomi knows what she's doing. You can tell she is doing something deep. She is someone you can trust and she listens very well. Her massage isn't always comfortable with the cups and gua sha, but I left feeling relaxed. She has the right skills and qualities that make her an excellent therapist. Highly recommend to anyone who wants something more than a regular massage. "

Jacqueline G.

Ketlin F.

Bella M.

Get in Touch

      (707) 503-9281


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"To heal the body, one must know the body.
To know the body, one must be in the body.
To be in the body, one must learn to practice silence with  the  body.
To pause, to listen, to feel.
and most importantly,
to honor what it asks of you."


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